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Re: HELP: Instructions for Netscape install in Deb2.0

Albert Hurd wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to instructions for a Netscape 4.5 install in
> Debian 2.0.
> Thanks.

If you want 4.5 you can get it at, 


you can use 'lynx' to download.  If you can find the ftp site for the
older browsers that would be more convenient.

For Hamm I think you want, the communicator 'x86 LINUX 2.0' version,
unless you want just the stand alone browser.
Copy to /tmp run the 'Netscape4' install program through 'dselect',
(read the 'Netscape4' directions first) and that is about it.  It has
been a year since I installed on Hamm.  Hope I got the right version.

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