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Re: streaming audio? (Re: wav <-> conversion utility)

On 8 Dec 1999, Colin Marquardt wrote:

 : * Frank Barknecht <barknech@ph-cip.uni-koeln.de> writes:
 : > The fastest LAME-spinoff I know is <a
 : > href="http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~shigeo/soft/gogo2/";> GOGO </a>,
 : > that is optimized by using 3DNow, MMX and ISSE assembler. About 4 times
 : > faster than LAME at the same quality.
 : Why does it say I should combine the -v option (which enables
 : variable bitrate) with the -b option (which sets contant bitrate)?
 : Seems contradictory to me... Or is this the average bitrate? In any
 : case, with this option, XMMS' bitrate meter doesn't change anymore
 : while reporting it as VBR in the file info.

You use the -b switch to specify the minimum bitrate, or the VBR code
might get too agressive during "easy" portions of the WAV file.

I use -v -b 112 as suggested in the docs, works well here.

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