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Re: Modifing a debian package

*- On  7 Dec, Matt Kopishke wrote about "Modifing a debian package"
> Hi, I need to recompile PHP3 with an extra value in the INCLUDE
> (-I/path/to/include) line. I would like to keed PHP3 in a .deb, how would
> I go about doing this using the <srcdir>/debian/rules method.
> Thanks,

If you already have the sources extracted just modify the rules file at
the appropriate place, it is just a make file.  Then execute
'debian/rules binary' from the <srcdir>.  If all goes well you will end
up with the updated PHP3 debs in the parent directory of <srcdir>.  If
you use the current version number then you will need to put the package
on 'hold' in dselect so that the official version does not re-install
over your copy.

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