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re:ADSL modems

>>i am planning to go for ADSL bellsouth fastacess
>>they are giving an internal pci adsl modem card.
>>what are the linux compatible adsl cards?
>I don't think they make ADSL modem cards yet.  (My
>ADSL modem is>>about as large as a kleenex box.)
Bell south IS now using an internal ADSL modem card. 
There was a discussion on our linux users group at
flux.org about this.  The particular card is the
"winmodem" of adsl and AFAWK does not work with linux.
 Bellsouth does NOT support Linux (or macs for that
matter) and won't supply anything else.  So many of
our members have told Ma Bell where to stuff their
ADSL and have gone with Flashcom or some other linux
friendly xDSL re-seller.  I am now waiting on delivery
of ISDL from flashcom (I can't get ADSL because I'm >
16K feet from my HO).

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