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Re: Netstd reorganization

On Sun, Dec 05, 1999 at 02:31:04PM +0000, Randy Edwards wrote:
>    Can someone point me to some documentation or clue me into the netstd
> reorganization?
>    I understand that netstd was broken down into individual components, but
> I sort of miss the old way, simply because I never learned all of what was
> in netstd.

Whatever the netstd package now depends on is what used to be in netstd.

> When netstd asked if I wanted to disable the "r" services, I just said
> yes.  Now I'm not sure of what services I actually *need* and which
> ones I don't and I'd like to close down as many ports as possible.
> Any advice on that score?  TIA.

The ones you need are the ones you use. The rest can probably be gotten
rid of. Since you don't use the r services, you can get rid of any
package netstd depends on that begins with the letter "r", with the
possible exception of "routed" (which is not an r service). Beyond that,
determine what you don't use and remove it.

lsof with the -i option can tell you which ports are open, and by which
processes. Note that ports open from inetd are configured in
/etc/inetd.conf, and you should remove the offending lines from that
file (and the program responsible for those lines).

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