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Re: PHP3 String functions not available

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Sven Gaerner wrote:

> I have installed PHP3 as cgi- and apache-module on an slink-based machine. I
> also have installed some PHP-modules (mysql and imap). When I try to call a
> string function (strip_tags) I get an error message in my browser window: call
> to unsupported function...
> It seems to be that this module is not available but in dselect there are only
> PHP3 modules that supports database or graphics functions. How can I use the
> string functions??

The php3.deb package contains (almost) all php modules which need no
special external libraries, so it contains the string functions too.
The problem is that strip_tags was added in version 3.0.8 while slink
contains 3.0.5. There might be some newer versions of php compiled for
slink on http://netgod.net/x

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