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"Bold" using docbook and other problems


	I am currently using the sgmltools2 package from Debian, and the
corresponding latest and greatest docbook packages from Debian Potato.
However, I cant seem to get a few basic things to work the way I want it

	My reading of the docbook documentation suggests that the way to
get the "bold" effect when converted to html is to use the <emphasis> tag
with a role of "bold" or "strong". This I do by 

	<emphasis role=bold> .... </emphasis>

	but the result that I get in html is still in italics - which is
no different than what I get with plain <emphasis> tags. What is the
correct way to do this.

	The actual problem that I am trying to solve is to have the
following text

Example n            <-----------  formatted in bold (in html)

some blurb	     <-----------  ordinary emphasis

some code listed     <-----------  am using the <programlisting> tags

some more blurbs     <-----------  ordinary emphasis

	Here is what I tried :


<para>some blurb

<programlisting>some code listed</programlisting>

<para>some more blurbs

	What I get in html is

Example n		<----------  in bold

some blurb		<----------  ordinary text

some code listed	<----------  formatted exactly as typed

some more blurbs	<----------  ordinary text

	Here are some problems as I see it :

1) The <programlisting> tags are supposed to preserve all whitespace
according to the documentation. However, it seems to skip tabs. As a
result, I've had to convert all tab characters to an equivalent number of
spaces in the sgml text.

2) The docs indicate for the <example> tags that the <title> tags are
mandatory. However, they do not state that the <programlisting> tags are
mandatory, whereas the sgmltools converters treat this as a mandatory
child for <example>.

3) Note that there is an extra blank line between the "Example n" title
and the blurb that follows. How can I get rid of it?

Thanks in advance,

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