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Re: ppp hangups...

On  3 Dec, Jonathan Lupa wrote:
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> On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 01:15:35PM -0500, Tom Allard wrote:
>> According to the Changes file, (usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes),=20
>> kernels after 2.2.11 needs a newer version of pppd:
> Yoink!  Missed that! (I also noticed that it isn't in the known 2.2
> problems on the web page).  Oh well. :)
> Does anyone know of a packaged version closer to unstable's 2.3.10 for
> slink, or should I try and build it myself?
> Thanks!
> -Jonathan
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Before you go doing things like that, check to see if your problem is
not a resource one.  I have had problems with hangups with my modem as
well, but I eventually found out that the modem was sharing the same irq
port as my mouse.  My mouse is ttyS0 (comm 1), my modem was ttyS2 (comm
3).  Both those devices (ports) share irq 4.  My solution was to change
the device (port) the modem used from ttyS2 (comm 3) to ttyS1 (comm 2),
by changing the irq it was using to irq 3.

I get a really good connection now, no hangups, and fast download
speeds.  Hope this is of help.

James Hurford

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