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Re: Why

On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 04:18:56PM -0600, Brigette Heffner wrote:
> Why is it so hard to get anywhere with Linux?
Because its a scabable server OS that is great for stability and security and can serve 1000s of users from a single PC.
> In plain English...how do I get help with the install?  Is there a book (written in HUMAN English) that I can buy?  I have read all kinds of "how to's" and I am missing something because I have tried to install THREE versions of Linux and can't get any to work (on my new $2300 paperweight of a laptop).
Have you tried Linux for Dummies? Or Linux Umleashed? Or any of the dozens of other books on Linux that are in most bookstores.  Look on amazon.com
> Just tell me what to do...or should I buy windows 98 and forget it?  
> The laptop has no operating system...now.

Windows 98 is not an operating system.

> Thanks for any help 
> Brigette
> brigette@mail.com
Was this intended as a troll?


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