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Re: dselect Install

yahhhh! i too finally got my proliant 5500 with SMARTII RAID controller to
work, but i installed from debian floppies. my method using potato (also
did it with slink) boot floppies.

1.download kernel source and compile a new kernel with SNARTII compiled in
2.cp the kernel into /floppy/linux
3.edit the rdev.sh to rdev /floppy rather than /mnt/floppy
4.boot the modified installer on the RAID machine
5.cp the mkdev.ida script (in kernel source) to a floppy and modify it to
	not to use the eval command
6.jump into a shell, mount the floppy, run mkdev.ida 1 5 2 (you have to
	make as few devices as possible because of the inode shortage)
7.mke2fs on c0dX (where X is the "logical disk" created in the smart
8.fdisk the disks to create 1 partiton per
9.mke2fs on each partition
(if you know a better way to do this give me a shout, but this was all
that ic oudl come up with)
10.mount root (/dev/ida/c0d0p1) on /target; mkswap /dev/ida/c0d1p1; 
	mkdir /target/usr; mount usr (/dev/ida/c0d2p1) on /target/usr
	keep mounting the other partitions in this way
11.go to the installer and start installing. (DO NOT REBOOT)
12.back to the other computer where we compiled our kernel. pop another
	floppy into the drive and make bzdisk.
13.modify the mkdev.ida script to install devices on /target/dev/ida
	rather than /dev/ida.
13.back to the RAID machine. mount the new floppy with the new script
15.eject that floppy and pop in the one with the new kernel on it. and
	rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/ida/c0d0p1
16.unmount and reboot.
17.install the base on the system, make sure your install kernel source
and rpm.
18.download from the red hat site the lilo rpm
19.rpm --force --nodeps -ivh lilo-0.21-10.i386.rpm
20.eject the floppy that you used to boot and reboot the machine. With a
little luck, and a properly configured kernel it should work.

this took me a while to figure out, but did i learn a lot. Most of the
info i got was from www.linuxdoc.org what a great site. then there is
always the trusty man pages. i hope this helps anybody else who has been
having touble with a raid boot.


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