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Re: What video card do I use?

Rick Dunnivan wrote:
> I have a winmodem and thus have not configured ppp
> yet. How do I go about doing this without being on the
> net?

You could try going to that site and downloading the debs using whatever
connection you are sending email through.  Then, transfer those debs to
someplace that your Debian system can get to and install them via dpkg. 
Granted, that's all messier than a "regular" connection but it should
work.  Might have to run a few cycles of download - install - cuss about
unmet dependancies - download - install - etc  (yes, I *have* been there,
done that - that's how I know it works.  It's also why I'm nearly positive
about the third step.)  It'll be a little tedious, but it'll also get you
a working system eventually.

As others have said, one thing you will most likely want to do at some
point is get a different modem.  If you go to
you will find lots of information about modems and their use under Linux -
specifically you will find a very lengthy list of modems and whether they
work with Linux or not.
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