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Re: exim config probs

On 12/03/99 10:23AM, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:
> 	I'm having some troubles with exim configuration.
> 	I had set a masquerade box, that will work as smtp server for
> incoming and outgoing messages. 
> 	I've (tried) to configure exim (w/ eximconfig) so that internal
> machines (that use us as smart server) can send and receive e-mail with
> netscape. 
> 	To do this, I listed all ip's, domains of the internal machines as
> allowed to relay, but when I try to send a e-mail using netscape and the
> server as smtp, it refuses relaying to whom the message is being sent. 
> 	I'm confused here: what should be necessary to do in order to have
> internal machines sending email through the server (smtp)?
> 	In case I couldn't be understood, I'll exemplify:
> 	message to: mario@ime.usp.br (outside, valid address)
> 	from: mario@curiango.ipen.br (internal, valid address)
> 	try to send; message from netscape:
> 	"An error occurred sending mail.
> 	The mail server responded:
> 	 relaying to <mario@ime.usp.br> prohibited by administrator
> 	Please check the message recipients and try again."
> 	server: curiango.ipen.br
> 	client:  (internal machine)

Did you make sure that you have set up exim to do relaying for your
internal network? You neet to put the network address when eximconf
asks you about relaying local networks. I 've never set this up
before, but you can take a look at a Linux Gazette article that's
really helpful. 


You probably already have all the preliminary stuff set up, such as
filtering/forward mail into separate email folders, but I think that
if you address the relaying for your local net, that you'll be on the
right træck. Sometime like answering when prompted for
additional local machines you want to relay mail for. I don't know
what the '/16' does though.

There are a bunch of more knowledgeable people on this list who
(hopefully) will chime in to clear up any of [my] misconceptions.

Hope I was helpful and good luck

Rereading your message, I'm not sure how much help I was. Take a look
that article for some pointers. The author is trying to do the same
thing only with a windows client...

 ) Mark Wagnon      ) mwagnon1@home.com      )
(  Chula Vista, CA (  wagnon@rohan.sdsu.edu (

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