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Re: NNTP server.

> I want to install an NNTP server and news reader so that I can read some
> news groups I am interested in. The machine I have runs on Hamm, and has
> very little free disk space (about 145 M in /usr and 20 M in /var).
> However, I am interested only in a few newsgroups, mainly comp.text.tex.
> Could anyone provide a few hints on how to proceed, and on possible
> security problems?

You should try Leafnode. It's a small-scale news server intended for dial-up
connections and the like. It's perfect for off-line news reading.

(I don't have the URL handy at the moment... but if a search on google.com
doesn't yield any results, I'd be happy to dig it up)

/ Peter Schuller

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