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Compaq Smart Array 221

Hi all,

 I have a Compaq Smart Array 221 on a Proliant 1600 server, and
have already configured the disk array. I plugged another SCSI
drive into the first SCSI channel and could detect the logical
drives with a 2.2.13 kernel booting from that SCSI drive. So
hopefully I can get the RAID running without trouble.
At this point it's pretty late so I left the office. There are
some little questions that I probably could solve myself, but
help would save me some time and trouble. :)

So the questions:

1) The CD allows me to make quite a number of "logical drives".
   Should I treat them as a disk partition and run mke2fs on them
   or shall I treat them like harddisks and fdisk them?
   (in this case where are the devices for the partitions?)
2) The only Debian specific question. :)
   I learned from the documentation that I need to patch LILO
   in order to boot from these devices. A search from freshmeat
   shows me that it is available from:
   I think I will fetch the source package, apply patch and
   build a binary package from it.
   - Will it work?
   - Is it the best way of doing it?
   - How could I prevent apt from overwriting custom-built LILO?
3) Are there any other precautions that I should know of when
   playing with Smart Array cards (or RAID5) with Debian potato?
   Must I read through the whole user manual? :(

Any help would be appreciated.
And, it might not be that good to check my home mail in office.
(I have other personal mail)
If at all possible, could suggestions be CC'ed to my mail address
at work too? (ronald@webforce.com.hk)

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