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Re: Invoking /etc/isapnp.conf

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 01:26:51PM -0800, Howard Mann wrote:
> In Debian, what is the "best" way to invoke 
> the /ect/isapnp.conf file on bootup so that the 
> NIC is recognized ?

Install the isapnptools package. This will automatically setup scripts
in /etc/init.d and symlinks from the proper rc?.d directories.

The only symlink on my system (i haven't messed with the configs, so i
assume this is the default for isapnptools 1.19-1) is
/etc/rcS.d/S15isapnp, which will start it just after the root filesystem
is remounted read-write. Modules are typically started from
/etc/rcS.d/S20modutils, so by the time it tries installing your network
card module isapnp will have been run.

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