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Re: disk error at scheduled time

On 1 Dec 1999, Martyn Pearce wrote:

> Mario Olimpio de Menezes writes:
> | Hi,
> | 
> | 	I'm having a strange problem here (ok, maybe it's not a real
> | problem, yet). Every day (at least for the last two), I'm having a SCSI
> | disk error entry in my kern.log, occurring at 6:25 am. 
> | 	Yes, only at this exact time I'm having problems. 
> | 	I ran 45+ kernel compilations yesterday to test the machine and
> | no error was triggered. BTW, I got 6m25s for 2 make bzImage running in
> | parallel and about 6m3s for 1 make bzImage alone. 
> Sounds suspiciously like some cronned process is tripping over a bad
> point in the disk.  umount all partitions on the disk, fsck them.  If
> it's your only disk, that'll require a floppy boot.


	I forgot to say that I already did this: went to single mode (init
1), then ran: mount -t ext2 -r -o remount,ro /dev/sdaX /mount-point
	Then, e2fsck -c /dev/sdaX

	Well, no badblocks, no problem at all in the whole disk.
	Where/what should I look for now?


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