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Re: G400 high-res problem

I'm not a matrox user myself(yet) but i do see this:


   On some Millennium II cards the driver shows severe distortions with
24bpp in modes above about 1024x768. We hope to have automated the
detection and fix of this problem. If it still occurs, putting 

Option "mga_24bpp_fix"

in the Device Section may fix the problem. 

looks like 3.3.5 has the same problem as 3.3.4

hope this helps


On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Greg Schulein wrote:

gjschu >Hi,
gjschu >
gjschu >I'm running a Matrox G400 with a Sony G500 display, on a slink system
gjschu >that's been upgraded (via apt) to XFree86 3.3.4.  The problem I'm
gjschu >getting is dark bands that flicker on the screen whenever the on-screen
gjschu >image is changing.  The scanlines under the dark bands also seem to be
gjschu >displaced a few pixels to the left compared to the rest of the
gjschu >scanlines.  The picture is fine whenever the image is not changing.  A
gjschu >"changing image" can be an animation, scrolling a window, or even typing
gjschu >(like now).  This problem is most pronounced at 1600x1200x32bpp@85Hz,
gjschu >but is present at lower resolutions and color depths as well.  Is there
gjschu >anyone else out there running a G400 under XFree 3.3.4 that is or is not
gjschu >having similar problems?
gjschu >
gjschu >Thanks,
gjschu >Greg
gjschu >
gjschu >
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