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Kernel upgrade -- lost scanner

I recently tried to upgrade to kernel 2.2.1 from 2.0.34 .  The
scanner had been working great.  After upgrade (kernel only),
find-scanner found the scanner, attempting to scan caused some
action in the scanner, then I lost keyboard and mouse control. 
While rebooting (with reset button) the scanner sounded like it
was completing the scan.  Reinstalling 2.0.34 kernel brought
everything back as it was.  It'll stay that way for a while:-) 

A search on dejanews showed me that others have had similar
problems, but I found no solution.

Kernels were compiled by make-kpkg kernel_image.  I did reset the 
SG_BIG_BUFF as recommended in "man sane-scsi"

My system:
Debian slink
ncr53c810 scsi
umax 1200S scanner

I'll be searching the debian-user archive for replies, but I
would appreciate a copy to: ptanner@mailcity.com

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