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Re: GUI toolkit for a beginner?

Suppose I must use C++, will it work with lesstiff? How difficult would it be 
comparing to using lesstiff from a C prog?
BTW: Isn't lesstiff written in C++? 

> Mike Werner wrote:
> > 
> > I'm finally getting to the point with C that I plan on finally trying to
> > hack together a few small programs that I've been thinking about for some
> > time now.
> > I'd like to also put together a GUI frontend for some of them
> > at some point.  However I have zero experience with GUI programming.  I
> > know that there are a number of different GUI toolkits out there - TCL/TK,
> > GTK, Motif, Lesstif, and probably a bunch more.  Are there any that would
> > be more recommended for a beginner?
> >
> > I'm not looking to do anything fancy yet - just the basics so I can learn
> > how it all works.  Any ideas?
> Tcl/Tk has nothing to do with C, they are actually two different
> languages (Tcl and Tk). Motif and Lesstif are roughly the same (Lesstif
> is a GPL'd source level compatible clone of Motif. Motif is commercial
> and costs $$). I did my first GUI programming in Lesstif and it was not
> all that difficult. You should be able to come up with a good
> Lesstif/Motif tutorial on the 'net somewhere (see www.lesstif.org as
> well). I haven't used GTK but I have heard that it is good and
> especially that the tutorials are excellent. See www.gtk.org. Developer
> deb's should be available for Lesstif & GTK. Qt is another option (the
> library used by KDE), except that's supported best with C++.

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