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Re: looking for prog to synchronize files via ftp

Tomas Cernaj <tcernaj@Mathematik.Uni-Marburg.de> writes:

> I'm desperately looking for a program that synchronizes files on
> different computers via ftp (or possibly other methods?), whenever you
> call it by hand.
> It should work like omirr (but not online...), that is, without
> something like a master directory as with rdist(1). It should sync the
> files by their time stamps.
> Background: I'm working with my PC at home, but I need the files also at
> university to go on with the work. I have access to my directory at
> univ. via ftp or telnet.

rsync is exactly what you need. My situation is identical to
yours. rsync can use rlogin, or even ssh. I use it to synchronize 20Mb
directories, and the updates never take longer than a couple of
minutes (provided there are no *major* changes/additions).

It only requires that a binary of rsync be installed on both machines,
and then it takes care of the synching. It supports deleting redundant
files, ignore lists, and a wealth of other features.


Arcady Genkin                                http://wgaf.dyndns.org
"'What good is my pity? Is not the pity the cross upon which he who
loves man is nailed?..'" (Zarathustra - F. Nietzsche)

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