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liloing hdc as hda

Richard E. Hawkins writes:
| I managed to scrounge up an additional identiacl hard disk to replace 
| my dying disk.  dd seems to have successfully duplicated the drive; 
| they look the same. To write to the drive, I have it as the primary on 
| the secondary controller.
| I switched cables, and it wouldn't boot, so I presume the boot sector 
| doesn't get copied by 
| dd?  

Yes, the boot sector should get copied.  dd Knows nothing of disk
geometries or layout usage.

| I copied /etc/lilo.config to /ec/lilo.config.c, and changed only 
| the boot line to 
|    boot=/dev/hdc
| while leaving the old information about hda in the entries.  Upon 
| making it the primary, I get
|    LIL-

Is the disk *exactly* identical?  If not, are both discs in LBA mode,
now, and when copied?

| I could solve this easily by booting from a floppy, but that doesn't 
| seem to be an option, as something went horribly wrong when I set the 
| password in the bios.

What went wrong?  This sounds highly sus.


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