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Re: recommend mp3 encoder

The quality of the encoder -engines- are in order:

Fraunhoffer (spelling correct?)

However, the quality differences are only noticeable
by -very- high trained professionals or with oscilloscopes.



At 03:55 PM 11/20/99 -0500, Arcady Genkin wrote:
Hi all:

I'm looking for the highest compression quality possible. I don't care
about speed (nor about interface) at all. Is there anything compareable
to Fraunhoffer encoder under win32 for Linux?

I'll be encoding wavs into 256 KBps mp3's.

Thanks for any input.
Arcady Genkin                                http://wgaf.dyndns.org
"'What good is my pity? Is not the pity the cross upon which he who
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