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Re: Primary vs logical partitions

They don't *have* to be primaries. In fact, I'm running from root and
swap partitions right now that are both extended/logical. With Linux it
makes no difference, although if you ever have a problem with your
partitioning structure, primaries are a little easier to work with than
logicals when it comes to reconstructing a partition table.


Howard Mann wrote:
> I am planning to install Debian on a new ( empty)
> hard disk (/dev/hdb). It will be the only OS on
> this disk. I will use LILO on /dev/hda to boot
> Debian.I plan to create separate partitions for
> the following:
> /
> swap
> /usr     <<<<<<<logical
> /usr/local   <<<<<<<<logical
> /home      <<<<<<<<<logical
> My question is: Do / and/or swap _have_ to be
> primary partitions, and, if so, why ?

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