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Re: Truetype font sizes and Netscape

jack wrote:
> In my case, I did it in this way:
> cp /.netscape/preferences.js preferences.my
> edit preferences.my:
> change ==> monotype-times new roman-140-scale-prop-iso-8859-1 (netscape
> automatically change it to -0-, when it exits)
> write a short script for start netscape
> #!/bin/sh
> cp ~/.netscape/preferences.my ~/.netscape/preferences.js
> netscape &
> let me if it works for you too.

Thanks! Changing the preferences.js and setting up the script worked for
me as well.  I tried using the -dpi and --res switches to the Xserver
and the xfstt without success. I wish netscape would remember the user's
choices in a more general fashion, but at least this works.

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