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Re: mixviews or mix?

Ian Stirling wrote:
> I just compiled the emu10k1-11161999 from Creative
> and have a working Soundblaster Live. I installed
> 'mixviews' using dselect successfully but what and
> where is the programme?


> for information but all I can find is the package
> name.  The other problem is that I tried to
> compile the package 'mix-linux.tar.gz' which I
> fetched from an ftp server. It dies trying to
> include 'audio.h', 'audiofile.h' and 'bstring.h'.
> Commenting these out, AFfile_whatsits are missing
> and clearly these files are needed. I used grep
> to look for the missing definitions in headers
> that are on my system, slink with a 2.2.12 kernel.
> I've looked for the missing files using 'find'
> in /usr/include  and  /usr/src/linux/include.
> This fragmentation across linux distributions does
> no good to making linux a household choice instead
> of Windows.

What fragementation? If you want kernel header include files, install the
kernel headers.

see shy jo

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