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Postscript, Ghostscript, Unicode, and TT fonts...

This is a somewhat specifc problem, but I didn't get a reply on
comp.lang.postscript and maybe somebody on this list can help me out
or point me to more specific sources of information.

This is the scenario: I'm trying to use unicode truetype fonts with
the latest StarOffice on a Linux machine. The problem is that SO
supports neither truetype fonts nor unicode. Since I only need about a
dozen glyphs >255 (basically all typographical quotation marks, the
typographical dashes, the french oe ligatures, the single guillemets,
the ellipsis character, the euro sign) I figured I'd just find a way
to map them to the code range that is not used in iso8859-1. Since my
font server (xfsft) is able to remap fonts on-the-fly, I have him
serve the iso10646-1 fonts as microsoft-cp1252 (which supplies all
characters I'm interested in). This is the relevant part of the
remapping process (in decimal codes):

quotesingle     8217    ->      127
Euro            8364    ->      128
quotesinglbase  8218    ->      130
florin           402    ->      131
quotedblbase    8222    ->      132
ellipsis        8230    ->      133
dagger          8224    ->      134
daggerdbl       8225    ->      135
circumflex       710    ->      136
perthousand     8240    ->      137
Scaron           352    ->      138
guilsinglleft   8249    ->      139
OE               338    ->      140
Zcaron           381    ->      142
quoteleft       8216    ->      145
quoteright      8217    ->      146
quotedblleft    8220    ->      147
quotedblright   8221    ->      148
bullet          8226    ->      149
endash          8211    ->      150
emdash          8212    ->      151
tilde            732    ->      152
trademark       8482    ->      153
scaron           353    ->      154
guilsinglright  8250    ->      155
oe               339    ->      156
zcaron           382    ->      158
Ydieresis        939    ->      159

My next step is to supply SO with hacked font metrics files that
correspond to the cp1252 encoding and put all the font names in the
appropriate printer definition file. The idea is to make SO believe
that the fonts are resident printer fonts and not ttfs. Up to this
point, I think I know what I'm doing and everything works fine. The
fonts show up on the screen, SO finds the correct metrics for all
glyphs and prints them.

This is where gs comes in. The print spooler calls gs via an input
filter to convert the ps file to pcl and sends gs' output to my
LaserJet 5L. At this point, gs gets the glyphs from the original ttf
files. Still, this works fine for all characters defined by the
iso8859-1 encoding table. What I can't get to work is the unicode
part, that is the remapped characters (gs substitutes the '.notdef'
character for them).

I have a rather fuzzy idea of what postscript is and how it works, so
please take the following with a grain of salt. If I redirect the ps
output produced by SO to I file, I notice two things, the first being
that at several points the encoding is defined as /ISOLatin1Encoding
and the second that there is a /changesvec section which seems to
provide the mapping information for the characters I'm after. It looks
like this:

/changesvec [
        16#80 /euro
        16#82 /quotesinglbase
        16#83 /florin
        16#84 /quotedblbase
        16#85 /ellipsis
        16#86 /dagger
        16#87 /daggerdbl
        16#88 /circumflex
        16#89 /perthousand
        16#8a /Scaron
        16#8b /guilsinglleft
        16#8c /OE
        16#8e /zcaron
        16#91 /quoteleft
        16#92 /quoteright
        16#93 /quotedblleft
        16#94 /quotedblright
        16#95 /bullet
        16#96 /endash
        16#97 /emdash
        16#98 /tilde
        16#99 /trademark
        16#9a /scaron
        16#9b /guilsinglright
        16#9c /oe
        16#9e /zcaron
        16#9f /Ydieresis
] def

Obviously, the codes given here correspond to the cp1252 mapping and
gs can't find them in the cmap of the ttf file. What I would like to
do is to pipe SO's ps output through a perl script that makes some
changes and corrects this before sending it to gs and the print
spooler. At this point, I'm lost. Should I change the
'ISOLatin1Encoding' to something else or simply fix the codes so that
they correspond to the cmap of the ttf file? I tried the latter by
hand with a sample file, that is I changed

16#84 /quotedblbase


16#201e /quotedblbase

but to no avail. gs doesn't give any error messages, it simply
subsitutes 'notdef' for 'quotedblbase'. Is the whole idea nonsense
or is this possible (in theory at least)? And in practice? Please
help me out here...


Philip Lehman <lehman@gmx.net>

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