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Re: sound blater live

Download the source (emu...tar.gz) from opensource.creative.com.
Run tar xzf emu...tar.gz (before running tar create a directory, an older version
untarred anything to /usr/src; it's not so nice)
You need the kernel sources installed under /usr/src.
cd <sblive_source>
make ; make install
If it fails check the Makefile ($INCLUDEDIR) and change it to /usr/src/linuc/include
and try again.
Also your kernel has to be compiled with ENABLE_SOUND=m
If everything is compiled, run
insmod soundcore
insmod emu10k1

Your account has to be a member of the group audio to write to /dev/dsp...



Andrea Merello wrote:

> Hello.
> How can I install sound blaster live! driver ??
> Please help me !!!
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