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Re: where to buy Debian (R3)

At 09:52 PM 11/10/99 -0500, Jonathan Markevich wrote:
On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 08:42:37AM -0800, aphro wrote:

> BC895 >I am looking for i place to buy reliable Debian CDs which are NOT CD-Rs. > BC895 >CheapBytes seems popular, but they sell R2...where can i get R3 while not
> BC895 >being ripped off?
> again.  www.linuxmall.com on the other hand has real cheap slink 2.1r3 cds

OK, you got my attention.  What's R3?  Is there a revision?  As in, hopes of
getting a Slink that's more up-to-date than some others??

Youre right, revision.



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