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i upgraded recently to potato.
I was using fetchmail (that came with slink) to fetch from my multidrop
pop box at my isp and was redistributing without any problems.
But after upgraded to potato (fetchmail 5.1) my .fetchmailrc doesn;t work
anymore! My pop3 box at isp (multidrop box) name is "avgraine" and my
.fetchmailrc looks like this:

poll blr.vsnl.net.in with protocol POP3:
no dns, aka avesthagen.com
user avgraine with pass password is * here

I also have a local account in the same account as my isp's. (ie. i have a
local account called "avgraine" to whcih all my mails are getting
delivered to instead of redistributing to all users according to To:
field).  Right now, I am manually forwarding it to all users. I have a
huge list of users, quite cumbursome right now doing this by hand. please

anybody having the same problem?


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