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Re: Disk partiotioning advice

Running windows and linux dually, is quite easy, you can just use lilo as
a boot loader and run windows from it or loadlin and use windows as a boot
loader (or whatever it does which looks like a boot loader).

Mounting windows partitions from linux is also posible with mount,
although I am not shure what limitation it poses on the files and file
names, I prefer not to use this method, what I need is the ability to
"mount" a linux partition under windows.

To run windows programs under linux wine works partially, but on that
issue I have a prolem because I use hebrew versions of the programs, which
kills wine with an error 'wrong windows version'.

What I also needed is advise on recomanded partition sizes for maximum
flexability, without getting stuck later without room to load more
programs when I can get some room from another partition.



On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, raymond ferrari wrote:

> I can reply to part of your question; I remember reading a couple times that there is
> a limitation with a disk that is over 8.xMB. I don't remember if it is 8.2 or 8.4. I
> will try to find this information and get back to you. I also know that if you want to
> go back and forth between windows and Linux, there are a couple of programs that do
> this, but cost money. One is XWin-32 by a company called Starnet(go to
> www.starnet.com/product.htm; costs $200) or another product(I forget the name at the
> moment) which allows you to have a virtual machine, but you must have 128MB of ram for
> it to work effectively. This product has been talked about a lot, and has been on the
> mailing list many times. There is also a product called Partition Magic/Boot Magic
> which is made by PowerQuest(see www.powerquest.com) which makes a great product for
> partitioning hard disks, and also allows dual booting from windows to Linux , and
> back.  Hope this helps a little. Ray Ferrari
> Micha Feigin wrote:
> > I am about to recive a new computer with a 9 Gb disk.
> > i was wondering whats the larjest partition size that linux can deel with
> > (and if there is still limitation on the size of the root (boot) partition
> > (I know that there was a 1 Gb limitation)
> > Also I need about hals the disk for windows (regratably i need to submit
> > some excersizes with visual studio)
> > That leaves abot 5 GB for linux.
> > I am looking for advice on how to best partition the disk to allow for
> > flexability when I need to change configurations/add programs.
> > I have a 1 GB disk now so i don't have experiance with large disks.
> > Also, is the a way to give windows access (rw) to a linux partition, so i
> > can share the user partition betwin systems (I prefer to make it a linux
> > partition with access to windows and not the other way around).
> > If not, how do I mount a windows partiton with write permision to regular
> > users? (or a specific user), and is it posible to use a windows partition
> > as the home directory for a user?
> > Thanx
> > michf@math.tau.ac.il
> >
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