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Errors during Dselect

I get the following error when using the multi-CD "install" feature of 

Wrong disk. I need "Debian GNU/Linux Slink (2.1) 1/4 main binary-i386 section 
1 SAM19990306", but i found "Debian GNU/Linux Slink (2.1) 1/4 main 
binary-i386 section 1 SAM19990706".

My translation would be that one is dated June 3, 1999....and the other June 
7, 1999. I have made bold the part that tells me this. Does any one 
agree/disagree....is this a reason for not letting me install?? Is there a 
way around it?

Also, I get the following error with dselect on occasion right before my NEW 
40x CDROM makes clicking sounds:

hdb: irq timeout: status = 0xd0
hdb: ATAPI reset complete

This error is not always the same, the part in bold varys from time to time. 
When this error happens three times in a row, I get another error something 
like "I/O error in Sector xxxxx."

If anyone could help me out with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Also, if anyone is looking for a new CD-ROM, check out the Magic Spin 40x at 
Circuit City. They sell it for $50, but give you a $30 mail-in rebate.


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