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Regular Segmentation Fault: HELP!!!


I've been running Debian Linux for one year now on my P200MMX (mainboard
FIC VA-502, chipset VIA 580VPX, AWARD BIOS, memory 2x32MB SDRAM, ATI
Mach64 RageII+DVD, harddisks Quantum Bigfoot 2.1GB on /dev/hda, Seagate
ST3491A 428MB on /dev/hdc, 24xCDROM on /dev/hdb, soundcard SB16 clone).
The system works fine so far. But there are some programs that regularly
cause a segmentation fault. Among them are procinfo which stops after
the " uptime: / context :" line, dbf2mysql and mysql2dbf, pspp, ... Also
nearly every complex program seems to have routines in it causing that
problem, e.g. StarOffice, Wingz, acm, ... I changed nearly every switch
in the BIOS configuration, flashed the BIOS, changed CPU voltage, tried
a lot of kernel configurations, exchanged the memory against 2x16MB EDO,
booted w/ "mem=4M no-hlt no387" options, installed several times on
different harddisks (both hamm and slink), built my harddisk in a
friend's computer, but nothing changed.
This behavior is not related to high system load as I had never a
segfault while compiling the kernel or running a burn-in program like
lucifer thus increasing processor load to 4.0 and above. I have not
overclocked my system.
Recently I found that /usr/lib/libc.so is not an ELF shared object as
the other libs but a 'GNU ld script'. I compiled it using 'ld -shared
/usr/lib/libc.so' and installed the output as /usr/lib/libc.so.
dbf2mysql and mysql2dbf started to work then, but the other programs
failed anyway. 

If anyone knows what could cause my Segmentation faults and how to fix
it please drop me a line. I'm near to the Gates of hell otherwise.

I could provide you with any details, listings and output if this is of
use for you. 

Thanks in advance!



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