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Re: quicktime4 player for linux?

don't hold your breath, apple has such a tight rope around their codecs
nobody but them can play most of the qt files.  not even 3rd party windows
programs for the most part. and i havent seen anything that showed them
willing to license the stuff to anyone for a reasonable price.  same goes
for AVIs, intel has a pretty tight grip on them and none of the newer
Indeo formats work with xanim(i think indeo 3 is the newest it can do) ..i
wish someone would come out with a player (YES! ID PAY FOR IT!) that could
do this stuff.  mpegtv works great for MPGs and videocds
(shareware). GPL/OSS would be best of course but id rather have shareware
then nothing in cases like this :) (well, i have nothing now as i refuse
to reinstall win* to watch movies)


On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, T.V.Gnanasekaran wrote:

gnana >Hi again,
gnana >
gnana >>         Does xanim not do this?
gnana >that's for stored qt files. what about streaming qt like the
gnana >one at www.bbcworld.com?
gnana >
gnana >-gnana
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