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How to use my modem as a phone

Hello everyone !

I'd like to use my Olitec Speed Voice 56000 as a phone, just as I can under
Windoze. Is it possible ? Which software must I use (I prefer packaged in
.deb, but I can compile the sources too.)

Thank you very much.

  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  AAAAA  NN   N       LL     II  NN   N  U   U  X  X
  DD  D  E__    B__B  II  A___A  N N  N       LL     II  N N  N  U   U   XX
  DD  D  E      B  B  II  A   A  N  N N       LL     II  N  N N  U   U   XX
  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  A   A  N   NN       LLLLL  II  N   NN  UUUUU  X  X

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