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printing to shared remote printer (Win95) using lpr

I apologize if this has been discussed already or if this is off topic, but
I'm still learning samba and I can't figure out this problem. I'm trying
configure my samba/debian box to allow printing to a shared printer on a
win95 machine. Any help is appreciated.

In printcap:

ljsaturn|HP Laserjet 6P

I can print from another Windows machine (through the samba share
\\saturn\hplj6p). However, when I'm on the samba server and type 'lpr -P
hplj6p /etc/samba/smb.conf' for instance, I get the following errors:

sending job 'root@delta+4' to hplj6p@localhost
connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
connected to 'localhost'
requesting printer hplj6p@localhost
error 'LINK_TRANSFER_FAIL' sending str '^Bhplj6p' to hplj6p@localhost
job 'root@delta+4' transfer to hplj6p@localhost failed

Is this a samba config problem or a printcap config problem?

Charles Lewis, Director of Administrative Computing
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX
(817)556-4720  lewisc@swau.edu  FAX (360)397-7952

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