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Problems printing from one box to another

In the past I've been able to print from one Debian 2.1 box to another
Debian 2.1 box without difficulty. However I recently reinstalled
Debian 2.1 on the server machine, and can't do any printing from
remote machines unless I'm using Samba. I'd like to know what's going on
so I can get back to a "normal" configuration involving just lpr/lpd.

The Workstation setup:

Debian 2.1 / kernel 2.3.25
Machine IP:

/etc/printcap looks like:

lp|dj870|HP DeskJet 870Cse:\

The sever box:

Debian 2.1 / kernel 2.2.13
Machine IP:

/etc/hosts.allow has:

ALL: 130.108.229

/etc/hosts.lpd has:

ALL: 130.108.229

Printing on the server machine itself works fine, so the /etc/printcap
there should be OK. Any ideas where to go next?


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