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Re: Problems printing from one box to another

Quoting Alec Smith (alec@shadowstar.net):
> In the past I've been able to print from one Debian 2.1 box to another
> Debian 2.1 box without difficulty. However I recently reinstalled
> Debian 2.1 on the server machine, and can't do any printing from
> remote machines unless I'm using Samba. I'd like to know what's going on
> so I can get back to a "normal" configuration involving just lpr/lpd.


> /etc/hosts.allow has:
> ALL: 130.108.229
> /etc/hosts.lpd has:
> ALL: 130.108.229

I only allow certain machines access and have their full addresses in
.lpd (.allow is empty). But don't you need the dot after 229 to make it
match the fourth octet? (I don't have ALL: either.)


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