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Re: Why use Enlightenment?

"David J. Kanter" <djkanter@nwu.edu> writes:
> Am I the only one who finds Enlightenment bloated, too busy and too hard to
> read? I'm willing to listen to those who use it; but after trying it out
> last night, I'm not too willing to switch from my speedy and trusty fvwm2 or
> window maker.

It's rather subjective obviously.

Enlightenment seems to be as fast as any other window manager on my
P133/80Meg machine, and E is a quite a bit more attractive than any
other WM I've seen (I should perhaps phrase this as `most of the other
WMs I've seen are really ugly').  [WindowMaker looks alright, but I find
its icon/icon-dock behavior just too wacky to be usable...]

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