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position of wm applets in enlightenment

Hi guys,

I want to use window maker applets in E, but when I run them
they get placed in the top left corner of the screen and I cannot bring
up the E window options that allow it to remember the location where
I want the applet to be (unlike other X apps).

Also, the applets don't seem to have a -geometry option........
or a -wm option like gkrellm.

A friend of mine solved this problem in fvwm2 by using a button-bar.... 
is there a similar thing in E or any other way to place applets where
I want.

Thanks heaps in advance,


Cyrus Patel - cyrus@linuxfan.com
Dept. of Computer Engineering                           Debian GNU/Linux 
University of New South Wales                           (Potato)
Sydney, Australia.

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