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managing multiple ISPs

I am currently in the process of evaluating a new ISP. The problem I am
having is with the nameserver settings in /etc/resolv.conf.

Currently there are two entries in /etc/resolv.conf for my present ISP

Should I just add the nameserver entries for the new ISP to this
/etc/resolv.conf file ? Will it take longer for hostnames to be resolved
since there are now 4 entries in the /etc/resolv.conf but only two of them
are "valid" depending on which ISP I am connecting to/from ??

I am wondering if there are other people who have had to keep two (or more
ISPs) and what other things they have had to configure, setup, etc. for the
different ISPs ??

On a related note: I am using XEmacs+VM as my mail reader. Is there any
emacs package to handle multiple email profiles ? I need to switch between
different smtp servers, different POP login IDs, and user/reply-to
addresses and was wondering if either XEmacs or VM can somehow handle this
for me ?


PS : What does the following message from /var/log/syslog mean:

  Remote message: upap: authenticated

What is upap ?? I thought the only authentication methods were PAP and CHAP
for dialup ppp connections.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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