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Re: Netscape vs M$ IE (Re: Sun goes...)

El jue, 28 de oct de 1999, a las 07:40:49 -0700, aphro dijo:
> yeah, i find it quite common to see new bugs about IE4/5 in bugtraq /
> securityfocus .. seems for every 4 to 5 IE security problems there is 1 NS
> security problem.

Besides, it seems that whenever M$ sends a bug/hole acknowledgement
(providing they acknowledge the bug/hole), they either announce the
"future" release of a patch for it which never gets to see the light, or
even release a patch which does nothing to tackle the problem.

> i look forward to trying opera, although if it doesn't offer a feature
> similar to netscape's romaing i won't be using it.  i found that feature
> something i can't live without now, the days of going from machine to
> machine(or OS to OS) and realize that OH SHIT the bookmark i wanted was on
> <insert other OS or machine here>..are over.  i submitted a feature
> request to o pera to include such a feature..hope they do it.

Well, I will try any other browser, and sometimes I like/need the
graphical ones, but for the time being, all I can say is that LYNX is
the only trouble free right now... thanks to the lynx for providing a
decent way to reading html docs!


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