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Re: boot and shutown both suddenly getting delayed

Im having a similar problem on bootup, since about 4-5 days ago, ive found that if
any other ext2 file systems ( bar /, swap ) are mounted thru fstab, bootup just sits
mounting the file systems
The problem automagically dissapears when i disable the other partitions being
mounted at boot by using noauto etc. ( problem is repeatable  and with different
kernels including 2.0.36 as originally installed ?).

Im keeping up with potato, ( yeah i know unstable, but its probably safer to keep up
with new libs this way >;), and its still a lot easier to keep running than NT <grin>

I suspect it has something to do with a recent update ??.
Parallelizing fsck v1.16 22-10-1999 seems to be the last command printed to the
console when this happens and it never finishes mounting all drives.

Running a manual e2fsk reports no funnies and the system behaves normally when i
mount them manually

I have not noticed any problems on shutdown

Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I've suddenly started experiencing long delays in both boot and
> shutdown. During boot it gets as far as "mounting local file systems...
> not mounted anything". It then pauses for several minutes before finally
> continuing, after which the system seems to work normally.
> On running shutdown, it proceeds as far as "sending the KILL message"
> after which it again pauses for several minutes before continuing.
> The other symptom is that after all this the date gets set back to 1 Jan
> 1990.
> I know this is very bizarre; can anyone syggest what could have
> happened? I haven't changed any files that I can think of.
> If nothing else seems to work I may contemplate reinstalling to a free
> area of the hard disk, but that seems rather extreme.  Would it be worth
> recompiling the kernel in case it's become corrupt?
> Anthony
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