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Re: just curious about Debian vs Redhat

It is called update-agent. It can do almost the same things as apt can do. The main difference is that you can only get updates  from priority.redhat.com, while apt can get them from any mirror. Update-agent for rh6.1 only runs in an X session. I'd take debian apt-get any day.

Peter Ross writes:
 > On 27-Oct-1999, Bart Szyszka <bart@gigabee.com> wrote:
 > > >     * apt (the tool to keep your distribution up to date), it is by far
 > > >       the best part of Debian.  The best bit about it is its ability to
 > > >       get packages from multiple sources and always pick up the latest
 > > >       one.
 > > 
 > > What about up2date, though? I heard it was a program for Red Hat
 > > that performs the same functions that apt does.
 > > 
 > Never heard of it.  If it has the similar functionality to apt, great!
 > Pete
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