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Re: Sun goes fully open source! [OT]

i used to like IE more teh NS (back in 3.x) but ever since 4.x ive been
devoted to NS.  all the security problems and that whole activeX thing
bugs me.  that and the fact that i got mod_roaming for netscape, to update
my prefs/bookmarks/etc so my 500bookmarks are always available wherever i
may be. only thing i'd chjange about netscape is make different binaries
for each app(composer/navigatgor/mail/news) so if one crashes it doesnt
bring all of em down.


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On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 02:50:08PM -0500, Brad wrote:
> > On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, J Horacio MG wrote:
> > 
> > > And that is important.  I believe M$ already released a Unix version of
> > > outlook ... give them time and they'll do the same with M$ office;  if
> > > by then, there's not a good, well supported, better marketeered, office
> > > suite for Unix, we could see M$ products running in many Linux boxes ...
> > > not even Well's could have forseen such a dark future.
> > 
> > Maybe it's just me, but i wouldn't trust any micros~1 program to run on my
> > Linux box. I have a nagging fear that it'd do it's best to hose the
> > system. Note that i'm not saying it would _intentionally_ hose the
> > system. Also note that i'm not saying it wouldn't.
> We shouldnt cheat outselves.
> M$IE is much better than NS and there are plenty of users which will
> chose it if it only will came available on Linux.
> Some day gzilla may came the best browser in the world but
> if M$ make port of IE before this time it can make a lot of mess
> in the free software community
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