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Re: Sun goes fully open source!

John Foster wrote:
> Uhmmmm. It was already free, in the dollars and cents manner. They
> really gave back/up nothing. 

I think they give an impression: from now on, StarOffice is supported by

>The only thing is that they can now turn it
> into a sun proprietary thin client to run on their servers, 

Sun is giving away StarOffice for Linux, right? I think it doesn't
matter if there's a proprietary version of it.

>and voila'
> instant network office suite that really will compete with MS Office 2M
> for NT/WIN 2M. 

Unix community at large can take advantage of it; look, now is the
beginning of time where M$ Office has a worthy opponent (or contender if
you like).

If Sun can make NCs real, why not? 

Oracle has been touting NCs for quite a while, but they (the NCs) are
still somekind of vaporware. I don't know what makes the delay (slow
progress); maybe Oracle's NCs need to run Linux. 

BTW, M$ would have some difficulties in supporting NCs; NT is not
multi-user. I believe that if you want to compete with M$ (in terms of
the number of office-suite seats), NC is the battlefield.


It's a small box, not unlike our other network computers except this 

has a CD-ROM in it and on the CD-ROM it has Linux and Netscape and 

some other things.
                                  Larry Ellison on NCs

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