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Re: connection cost monitor anyone?

i saw this recently on freshmeat:


pppcosts is a small utility that calculates and displays the time (and
phone costs) you have been online using a modem or ISDN ppp
connection. The time and costs are saved, so that you can use pppcosts to
keep track of you monthly phone costs. Cost files for many phone companies
are included. If your phone company isn't on the list, then you can create
a costfile on your own, which is very easy.

there is 1-2 other such utils on freshmeat, check there for the links.


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On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Philip Lehman wrote:

> I'm looking for a convenient way to monitor and log telephone costs
> (using ppp in a country where telephone bills can *really* spoil the
> day) but I can't seem to find a powerfull utility.
> At the moment I'm running pppcosts. It does the job, but I would like
> something more full-featured. Any recommendations?
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