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Re: Mutt and /var/spool/mail

> Try changing the ownership of /var/spool/mail/paul from mail to paul.
> E.g. (as root):
>         chgrp paul /var/spool/mail/paul

Thanks again. ls -ld /var/spool/mail/paul now says:
-rw-rw----   1 paul     paul       422603 Oct 23 12:16

But mutt still says the mailbox is read only. Does the -homespool option
perhaps mean that I can only properly use mailboxes from my home
In which can can I turn it off in .muttrc or somewhere or would I need
to redirect my mail to a /home location? (I`d rather leave it going to
/var/spool/mail/paul if possible)
I`ve looked at the FAQ
"http://www.fefe.de/muttfaq/faq.html#common-problems"; but it seems to
imply that the system administrator will know what to do!, unfortunately
that means me and I haven`t a clue.

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