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Re: Netscape Installation Problem "segmentation fault

alf.krause@europe.eds.com (alf.krause@europe.eds.com) wrote:

> I got binary distribution of Netscape Communicator 4.61 version for Linux 2.0,
> export encription standard from ftp.netscape.com.

Please note that there are several differnet versions of Netscape for Linux.
In particular, there's a libc5-based version and a libc6-based version.

> Then libXt.so.6 loading is fine but netscape could not find some
> lib files such as "libm.so.5".

libm.so.5 is from libc5, not libc6.  Install the following Debian packages:


> So i went to the netscape homepage and downloaded the glibc Version.
> That worked!

Right, glibc2 is libc6.

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