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3..2..1..0... boot off


I have successfully installed debian on my Sun Classic using floppies;
the base system up 'till now. My question is: how do you configure the
keyboard? The keyboard says that it is a model-5. 

I use the "sunkeymap" (not sure, but it is the US-English one) keyboard
setting, but it doesn't work. The keyboard outputs different characters;
if I press "/", "-" is what I get. The "/" on the keypad works though.
How can I configure the keyboard? What program do you use for setting
the keyboard?

BTW, I think installation using floppies is pretty straightforward. I
like debian's ability to reinstall without needing doing it from
scratch; I installed the kernel yesterday (fdisk, etc) and did the rest
today. Now, how can I install the programs other than the ones included
in the base system (?); apt-get...? Pointers please. Basically, I need
sendmail & pop3d, and something that can drop-off email originated from
my mail server on another server on the Net (my local email server can
still deliver locally and forward everything to the other server).  

Thanks in advance,

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