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Re: x-windows

raymond ferrari wrote:
> Like another post to this list recently(Bryan Walton w. response from
> Kent West), I have a problem starting x. I have the directory /etc/X11
> and a file for XF86(I did choose to install x during the dselect
> process: desktop system) however, when I  startx I get a fatal error and
> the following:
>     _X11 TransSocket Unix Connect:Can't connect errno+111 giving up
> xinit:Connection refused errno111 unable to connect to x server...
> waiting for x server to shut down...init: x server slow to shut down
> sending kill signal
> xinit:no such process (errno3):server error
> could someone help us bring up something besides the command line,
> however I am learning by need.
> thanks...ray ferrari
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There should be some more info previous to the error message you
sent. Assuming you're trying to start X with the startx command,
you can capture the output of any error messages with
"startx 2 > error.log". Then you can send the contents of that
file to the list for better diagnostics.

However, my first guess is that you don't have an xserver
specified in /etc/X11/Xserver. Look at the first line of that
file and make sure it says something like

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